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In NC, there are several questions that people ask us in reference to separating prior to a divorce. Sometimes separation does not lead to divorce, and spouses may consider prayerfully all of their options including counseling and other divorce support groups.

Legal separation is when a married couple decides to no longer sleep or reside under the same roof with the other party with the intent to separate.

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Legal Separation Faq's

Q: Which party has to move out?
Either party may decide to move out of the marital residence.

Q: Will it be considered abandonment of the marriage if I move out?
No, it is not considered abandonment if you only have the intent to separate. Abandonment would be if one party had the intent to leave and never return.

Q: If I move out of the house, how do I support myself?
A: If uncontested, parties can agree to alimony or post-separation support. If contested, then our Charlotte family law attorneys are skilled in seeking temporary support from the courts.

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