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A Property Division Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Assets

Dividing property during a separation is difficult on many levels. How can you come up with an equitable distribution of your property when sentimental value and strong emotions are involved? Make this process a little easier by hiring a property division lawyer from Bell Law Firm.

We rely on years of litigation experience to navigate this complicated issue. Call our law firm in Huntersville, North Carolina to speak with a property division lawyer today.

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3 Ways a Divorce Lawyer Can Help Divide Property

What can you expect when you start the property division process? There are three steps your divorce lawyer and the courts will go through to divide your shared property fairly. These are:

  1. Identification and classification: We'll classify all property as marital, separate, or divisible.

  2. Valuation: We'll work with experts to determine a value for each item of marital property based on its market value.

  3. Distribution: We'll divide your marital property based on 13 factors, including the duration of your marriage, earning potential, and the ease of division for each item.

Make sure you leave your marriage with what's yours. Talk to a divorce lawyer in Huntersville, NC today to start this process.