Keep Your Family Matters Private

Keep Your Family Matters Private

Hire a mediation attorney in Huntersville, NC

At Bell Law Firm, we know that family matters are sensitive and personal. Most of our clients want to keep their family business private and choose to solve their legal disputes through mediation.

Mediation ensures that your discussions, negotiations, allegations, and private family matters are kept secure within our mediation office, and not the county Clerk's office.
Our mediation attorneys must follow more strict laws and guidelines to ensure your privacy. We guarantee that your private life, relationships, child information, and financial information will remain safe and confidential.

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Is mediation right for you?

Thinking about settling your case through mediation? Here are a few things to know about the mediation process:

  • Mediation is not binding. If you and your partner go through the mediation process and can't come to an agreement, you still have the option to file a lawsuit and begin the litigation process.
  • You decide your outcome. Mediation allows you, not a randomly assigned district court judge, to control the direction of your case.
  • Mediation is often faster. Because mediation can be used earlier in a legal dispute, it can sometimes help you reach an outcome faster than litigation.

Our mediation attorneys will advocate on your behalf and help you reach a fair agreement. Contact Bell Law Firm today to schedule mediation services.