North Carolina law provides for convictions in the event a person is "appreciably impaired"-even if his or her BAC is below .08. If you or someone in your family has been arrested for drunk driving, you may have many questions regarding your rights, options, and possible consequences. Our lawyers understand the confusion people encounter during this time. We provide dedicated legal representation to address the pressing issues of a drunk driving charge. At Bell Law Firm P.C., we know this charge may have an impact on your entire family, and we will act swiftly to avoid harsh consequences for you.

Even a First Offense Carries Heavy Penalties

If convicted of DWI in Mecklenburg County-even a first offense-you risk being sentenced to time in prison. However, it is possible to be sentenced to a conditional probationary period. This decision is up to the judge's discretion. A DUI lawyer from our firm can offer assertive representation, seeking alternative penalties and a favorable outcome. It is also possible for first offenders to be excluded from limited driving privileges.

Losing Driving Privileges

A DWI/DUI causes you to automatically lose your license and driving privileges, and this limitation on your freedom can make it difficult to meet your daily obligations. You would then need to rely upon friends and family to get transportation to work and/or school, run errands to the bank, grocery store, doctor's office and more. Additionally, if convicted of DWI, his or her driver's license will be suspended for an entire year by the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. However, there are options available to you if you have lost your license. Our firm has obtained pre-trial driving privileges and limited driving privileges for individuals found guilty of a DWI. Generally, this means a person will be able to drive to work or school.

Proper Arrest Procedures

An experienced drunk driving lawyer can thoroughly analyze the validity of the stop, the arresting procedure, evidence, blood alcohol content (BAC) test results, and the other contributing factors. Our DUI / DWI lawyers are well aware of the procedures police are required to follow during a traffic stop. We will challenge the validity and accuracy of evidence gathered through field sobriety testing.

Alcohol Assessment Courses

One of the conditions of obtaining limited driving privileges involves participating in an alcohol assessment course. This course is used to determine if you have issues with alcohol abuse. Although there are many options available to you, there may be obligations you have to fulfill. Our firm helps clients through these issues, educating them about the process and the necessary steps to take. Contact us today.

Restoring Your Driving Privileges

We approach DUI/DWI cases with the goal of restoring your driving privileges as soon as possible. In many circumstances, we are able to help clients obtain pre-trial driving privileges. In the event of conviction, it is possible to seek limited driving privileges that will allow you to drive to work and school. Every case is different, and we look at the unique strategies available for each case. Additionally, DWI law in North Carolina is extremely detailed.

An attorney from our firm can explore the legal options available to you. Among these options are:

  • Pre-trial driving privileges - Pre-trial driving privileges permit temporary driving until the time of the court date.
  • Limited driving privileges - Limited driving privileges allow an individual to drive for limited purposes, such as going to and from work, picking kids up from school, and going to medical appointments.

There are many options available to you. We use our knowledge of the law to ensure you know about your rights and options. A drunk driving offense may be a minor setback in your life, but it does not have to limit your ability to get to work or school.